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Playa del Rey is an affluent, beachside community near Los Angeles with an average home value of $886, 539. The city with a population of more than 10,000 has a significant demand for home-related contractors and services. Overhead garage doors are a common feature of the houses in Playa del Rey area. These doors and their openers are often susceptible to damages and repairs. Before choosing a company to rectify your garage door problems, you should understand some basic features of your garage door.Overhead Garage Door 24/7 Services

Your garage door is made up of door springs, hinged door panel sections, a latch and roller tracks on each side, which allows the doors to roll open. The overhead garage door opener consists of a motor driven chain and belt system that helps to open and close the garage door. The motor is positioned on the ceiling of the garage close to the dead center of the garage door.  You may choose doors made from steel, aluminum, wood, or fiber glass. You also have the option of choosing a door with or without windows.

Many homeowners in Playa del Rey area face overhead garage door problems such as the inability to open or close the door with the help of the remote control, damage to the tracks and rollers of the door, or abnormal spring cable tension. Before overhead garage door troubleshooting, you should look for loose hardware around the tracks, rollers and brackets of the doors. You should also look for specific areas of damage such as flat spots, crimping and dents. Enlarged screw holes in the wood may also cause problems with your garage doors.

Unless you are one hundred percent sure, you should not attempt to repair the overhead garage door

Garage Door Repair Playa del Rey is the best garage door replacement company in the area. They provide prompt and efficient garage door services, and have the experience of working with most popular brands such as Liftmaster and Genie. Their services include:

  •     Overhead garage door repair
  •     Garage door opener replacement
  •     Door panel replacement
  •     Cable replacement
  •     Garage door window replacement
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